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I received this email from KH over the weekend and thought that it was worth sharing:

I searched all over the web, trying to figure out a way to contact you. I just want to thank you for helping me clear up my acne. Last December I purchased your ebook “Diagnose Your Acne” and studied it religiously from cover to cover over my winter break. I have had breakouts since I was 14 years old, and especially in my adult years I was extremely frustrated that I STILL had acne! In your ebook you mention how certain foods can cause allergic reactions that are expressed as breakouts on the face (or other areas like the back). When I was little I was allergic to milk and eggs. In fact, when I was about a year old, I was rushed to the hospital and put on steriods because the eczema on my body was so bad. This event took place before doctors figured out the rashes and sometimes nickel-sized sores on my skin were the result of an allergic reaction.
As of two months ago, I decided to cut milk and eggs out of my diet, and you have no idea how grateful I am to be able to say today that I have one pimple on my face. One! It’s amazing how I believed all those articles that insisted diet had no affect on acne. I feel a bit foolish; I feel like I should have guessed my acne was caused from my allergy to milk and eggs. Instead of eczema all over my face, it was acne. I guess that I thought I had grown out of those childhood allergies because that’s what the doctors told me when I was about 10.
So again, thank you so so much for helping me figure out what was causing my red and painful pimples. Many people were telling me to go on Acutane, or take medication, or go back on birth control, but I was determined to clear my skin naturally. About a year ago, feeling helpless and not in control, I threw away ALL my medications. The pills, the topicals, creams, gels. I figured, my acne was the same before I was applying all that to my skin, so why rub gel that causes tumors in rats on my face?
I’m glad I stuck to my “do it naturally” and “fix the root of the problem” way of thinking. It really paid off. I’m just upset that I didn’t figure it out sooner – that I didn’t trust my own abilities and investigative skills and NATURE to help me solve the problem. Your ebook has inspired me to look into a career as a Naturopathic Doctor. I aleady have a BS in Biochemistry and Cell Biology so I’m already on the right track. I would love to help people improve their health and happiness, and feel good about the way they are going about doing it.
Thank you again Ananda. I’m glad there are other people out there that question everything and have faith in nature’s curative powers.

KH, San Diego

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  1. Your message has greatly inspired me. I have been dealing with the EXACT same problems! I’ve been on birth controls, anti biotics, topical gels, creams… You name it! I have seen about four different dermatologists as I’ve had mild acne sine I was 14, I am 23 now and it has become sever! It’s greatly depressing me… I’ve come up with just about every theory I could think of – could it be from affects of hair products to medications to allergies. I feel as if its been impossible to figure it out. I do believe it is an allergy and it has to be something I’m eating. My acne had been cystic, the deep ones from the inside, I basically scratch my face and lumps the size of quarters will appear… I am planning on seeing a new doctor that will set me up with a new allergist, in the mean time I would like to start a egg/ dairy free diet! I have been keeping to a dairy free diet however nothing has really gone away… Although recently my fiancé has been trying to get me to eat a “healthier breakfast” and has been feeding me eggs and my skin has gone nuts! I will now be cutting out eggs and giving this theory a go! It’s hard to find this type of motivation and experiences on the Internet. Thank you very much for posting yours!!!

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